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Thursday, January 2, 2014

You Know Christmas is Over When

  • There is no Keurig coffee in the carousel. 
  • Your trash cans are full, and you missed garbage day because of the holiday. 
  • The neighbors have already removed every remnant of Christmas even though you are still enjoying your decorations.
  • You get a returned Christmas card after New Year's with the correct address....WTF
  • There are some gifts that you have no idea what to do with.  The gift giver suggested that you add things to the gift to make it more enhancing, but you have no idea what the original idea looked like.
  • There are a few left over dishes in the refrigerator, and you are tempted to throw the dish out.
  • You are waiting for garbage day to throw away the honey baked ham.
  • You are over analyzing the fortune teller you met at the New Year Eve's Party that just sounded like a normal guy giving his opinion.  Does wearing a turban with a feather make him authentic, or was he just hired for tip money?
  • You would rather eat anything than leftovers.
  • There is no good way to store Christmas cards, but you hate to throw them away.
  • The gifts you purchased seemed like a good idea until you see the credit card statement.
  • You find one of your gifts was given to another family member. 
  • You wonder why you didn't go ahead and buy yourself the new iPhone.
  • You are glad that you did not pay $300 for a company to decorate the yard with lights.
  • You realize the most needed gift you got was an iron.
  • You use the $100 bill you got to pay the water bill. 
  • You find out there is no "Santa" or Sugar Daddy.  
  • You realize Christmas is definitely for kids....
  • You return to work and your coworker says, "Now that Christmas is over we can concentrate on keeping our jobs".