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Sunday, September 28, 2014

IPhone 6 and Both Sides Now

I recently stood in line for the iPhone 6 Plus on the Apple release day at a local mall.  I waited for almost 5 hours after getting up at 3am and driving in the dark.  The line was ridiculous with at least 500 people.  While standing in line I met two girls of Indian descent and a mature Asian man.   The Asian man was enjoyable and we shared stories and laughter.  I tasted my first and last "Red Bull".  By the time they brought an iPhone 6 Plus down the line I was shocked to see the enormous size. The iPhone 6 Plus was now sold out.   Sure, I wanted a larger phone, but this might not fit in my handy purse I use for quick trips to the store.  

Excitedly, I told my new friend that the iPhone 6 looked too big.  We had already discussed our need for the larger iPhone, gold color, and 64 GB.  Before long he suggested I sit on a couch to rest.   I was getting so tired that I agreed to sit for a few minutes.  The new iPhone debut was on a Friday, but people had started camping at the mall on Wednesday evening.  Many of the first line customers had blankets.  I tried to order online, but opted to come in person when the online option to pick up or ship was grayed out.  

I eventually had to leave for a work commitment at a community center.   I was busy on Saturday, but by Sunday I went back to the same mall and there was still a line for the iPhone 6.  I talked to an Apple representative and she said to go order the phone online and then they would call me to  pick it up after it was ready.  The only phone available in the iPhone 6 was a  64 GB in gold.  I would have to pay an extra $100 for the larger size, but they did have gold and I could get it immediately.  I wondered if it would be crazy to pay the extra money just to get the phone before Monday. I decided that it was worth it and I could use the extra storage.  I ran home and ordered the phone.  Within minutes Apple said they were processing my order.  Before the hour was up I was driving to the store to pick up the phone.  I got to the store and was asked to stand in the reservations line.  I asked if that was the line where there were no people.  The attendant said yes.  Within minutes I had my new iPhone, although they were unable to back it up because there was not enough iCloud storage.

The next two days were necessary for the transfer. My Mac laptop is too old for the software needed for the upgrade.  I needed the 6 OS X version, but I have 10.5.8 OS X. However, I could not upgrade.  I needed iTunes 11 but I only have version 10. I could not make the phone transfer without appropriate software for the laptop or iTunes.  A backup from iCloud was impossible because there was not enough space.  However, I could purchase  ICloud space which I did.  When I tried to backup the phone to iCloud it said it would take 8 hours.  Don't other people walk out with phones that are ready to go with pictures and contacts transferred over?

I finally came up with a solution.  I had a current iTunes version on my HP at work.  Even though I had never used it as a backup I was able to backup the phone and make the transfer. By noon the next day I had the new phone working and could finally leave the old phone behind.  I love Apple products and as a member of the Apple cult would stand in line for a phone every time.  However the process of upgrading everything is difficult.  I need to update my laptop, but technology costs money.  I am happy at the moment with my most constant companion, my iPhone 6....oh yeah, and glad I did not get the bendable iPhone 6 Plus.

Let Go, And Know God Is In Control

Let Go, And Know God Is In Control

Joann (niece) and Aunt Agnes (my Mom)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

U2 - One - Anton Corbjin Version

A song for U2.  So many disgruntled iPhone users were upset that U2 released their new album
"Songs of Innocence" for free with an iTunes account.   U2 was supposedly paid $100 million
dollars by Apple for the release of their album.  Users were upset with the album taking up too
much storage on their phone.  I think the band is great, but not the case for everyone.

The Beatles - 'You got to hide your love away' music video

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Does the Church Stand For?

I attend church regularly, and feel like my week goes better when I attend. I appreciate that we can worship where and how we want in this country.   However, I have some questions about churches in general:
  • Should the church announce the sins of a member to the congregation, and humiliate him as well as his wife so that he can never use his talents again?
  • Should the church ignore certain sins that may jeopardize the safety of the members?
  • Should a pastor tell you that if you ask God, he will give you a new car?
  • Should a church ask you to sign an accountability agreement and send letters from other members if they disagree with your choices in life?
  • Does the church still recognize forgiveness, or do they set out to hurt members they do not agree with?
  • Does the church still agree to counsel people when they are in trouble?
  • Does the church charge for religious events during Christmas, rather than allowing everyone that needs Jesus to attend?
  • Does the church still recognize the average member or only the elite members that own a business or remain influential in the community?
  • Where can I find a church that harbors no judgement? 
  • If you choose the sometimes overused phrase of What Would Jesus Do?.... Would he be involved in charging people to learn about God, judging, or humiliating people? 
  • Does the church still represent a "God fearing entity"?  I hope so.
  • Do I have a right to question the actions of the church?
  • Should the music provided by the church provide me more meaning and emotion than any speaker?
  • Do we really expect for churches who are run by people to be perfect? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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