For Chip: He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. —Unknown

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just James

James at the Grand Canyon on the way to CA
My son James left Plano for California ten days ago.  The grey Honda was loaded with everything he could stuff inside and I thought how claustrophic it must have felt.  He kept everyone posted with Google Latitude and although a handy app I found that I began to fret whenever he made stops.  The app places a circle on the traveler's picture and is code for "pit stop".   I did little work during those days as I was peering at my phone regardless of any distraction.  Not only did  I not look up to speak but I yelled out names of every city he would pass to anyone in the vicinity.  In an effort to find the city before the next one popped up I would look up the city and statistics.  An interesting moment was when the map showed he was in the Mojave Desert.  Was that in California?  I guess I never really thought about it.   On the third day he arrived in Glendale, California and I was relieved.

James is an aspiring film writer, singer songwriter, and actor.  If I could best describe him it would be a carbon copy of Woody Allen.  He is always worried about toxic chemicals, black mold, prescription drugs, suspicious characters, diseases, and  mortality.  
He is a social butterfly and his idiosyncrasies have never been a
problem because people find his sometimes extreme behavior amusing.

He is staying with his ex girlfriend's family friends until he finds an apartment.   I love and miss Mollie.  She is waif like with wavy hair and a calm disposition. She calls him every few days and I am secretly hoping she joins him.  Mollie works for a resale clothing store and buys every designer item that is a good deal.  She collects clothes and needs two rooms for storage.

A couple with two dogs are allowing James to stay at their apartment.  When James mentioned he went to a party it prompted me to ask about California and the availability of drugs.  He mentioned that the husband had thought about putting an enriched brownie on the pillow where James was sleeping but never did. My thoughts drifted to the "weed shops" there and how easy it is to get drugs for medicinal problems.  I thought about the scene from "Weeds" when the cop comes to the store and wants a share of the profits.  How would it be to run a marijuana shop in California and quit my librarian job?

James was scheduled to move on the first of September but there is a delay with the apartment he was going to lease.  He has been apprehensive about the apartment from the beginning.   He described it as containing  the soul of a dead man, nicotine stains on the wall, and dirty carpets.  What had really happened there?  The tenant said it would be better to do what was in his best interest and find another place.

James & Randy Newman
I always enjoyed having him at home and I liked the visitors both male and female. While my friends were excited when their children went to college I found it a privilege to keep this child a little longer.  I thought about the time I found an interesting thong mixed in my laundry.  I just hung it on his door and after a few days it disappeared.  I really miss those unpredictable circumstances.

Will he be successful?  Will he find a job?  Will he stay?  All unknowns for now and many decisions to be made.  He looks California trendy and happy! Everyday is a new day for him and I am enjoying the journey too!