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Monday, January 13, 2014

Shopping as a Hobby

People often refer to "my shopping" as a hobby. I like deals  that are  classic and affordable.  A good bargain will be an immediate decision. More expensive purchases require some thought, but if it is reasonable and practical then I go for it. 

My latest discovery is the White House Black Market Outlet store.  Last week I found a top that was $50, but  was 40% off.  Yesterday I found a  dress that was $70, and with the sale discount it was $50.  A trip to the traditional store would be at least a $100 purchase for either top or dress.  For a special event, I bought a black top with black polka dots for $100 at North Park Mall.  The arms were sheer and the bottom was elastic creating a puffy effect.  The only downside with the White House Black Market is that it requires that you choose predominantly black/white clothes.  I love black and feel a bit depressed when I am not wearing it. 
Another fun shopping experience is the Coach Outlet store.  I purchased a set of Coach bracelets from the North Park Mall store that were quite pricey.  A matching bracelet at the Coach Outlet store was half the price.  I wear the bracelets  almost daily.  The Coach prices are relatively high at the outlet store, but buyers are given a 30% discount at the door.  One of my co-workers went to the outlet store after seeing my Coach wallet purchase.  I had never realized that there was a men's side at the Coach Outlet as well.  It is worth the  trip if you enjoy Coach products.