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Monday, August 18, 2014

Jeremy Crady "Missing You Already"

The Dream

Is a dream just a dream or does it have a hidden message?  I have been haunted by a dream I had a few nights ago about the death of my mother.  My mom is still alive and quite healthy.  My dream was very calm, but involved details of planning for my mom's funeral and telling various people about her death.  I announced to one friend that I must call my oldest son John who lives out of town.

Suddenly, the phone rang.  It's was on vibrate so it jogged me out of the dream.  The caller's name is my mom.  I answered the phone and a woman's voice was saying over and over   "Pendant no. 1 is not in communication."  I knew that it was the life alert station calling because it was  low on batteries.  The ironic part was that it occurred in the middle of the dream.  Was the dream and the call a message?  I waited until morning to call the house.  I stayed awake the rest of the night thinking about her possible impending death.  It was also feasible that death had happened already. 

I called her phone first thing in the morning and her neighbor answered.  I knew that he would call if she had died, and the fact that he answered threw me into a tailspin.  I blurted out that I had a dream and was calling early to make sure everything was fine.  The neighbor said, "Things were great.  I just brought her banana nut bread that I made this morning."  I thought what a nice thing to do, and that my mom was still alive.

I have analyzed the dream for the last few days.  The calmness escalated to being weepy and sad.  I had to go see my mother, and did so this weekend.  She looked fine although a little frail.  We went to lunch with her niece and friend at a Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood.  During lunch my cousin started talking about dreams.  The cousin said that dreams occur right before and after a death.  Her friend who is a follower of many churches said to rebuke part of the dream so that not one extra day would be taken from my mother.  I did not understand the reasoning, but the whole incident has been exhausting.   Losing the second parent is both inevitable and  unbearable.  I never knew that I had so many tears