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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - I Saw Her Standing There [HD]

Not Giving Up

The elderly grey haired lady slouched over in the wheelchair reeling from the effects of Alzheimer’s.  Her daughter fawned over her energetically, and it was obvious the daughter had not seen her in a while.  She lived in Albuquerque and was feeling guilty that she had been away from her mom for too long.  The mom was not happy about anything, and the daughter was trying too hard to please her.  The wayward daughter was fidgety and grabbing the mom every time she adjusted herself in the wheelchair.  She seemed anxious to send the mom to bed.

My mom sat quietly as she stared out the window and pointed at the flowers on the trees and plants in the one sanctuary I have found at the facility.  There were a few bunnies hopping around shrubs and into ground cover where they became invisible.  My mom was smiling as she looked outside.  I grabbed my sunglasses and gave them to her.  I thought she looked trendy in Coach Sunglasses since she always wears huge sunglasses worn after eye surgery.   Her glaucoma has wreaked havoc on her vision.  She seems very sad except for when she goes outside and sees the plants, flowers and feels the hot air.  I knew the heat would not bother her since she would never turn on the air conditioning in her own home.   Frequently, her house was ninety degrees when I came to visit.

The out of Towner talked incessantly as she noted the nine months she had missed with her mom.  I laughed as she gasped when they were at the dining table and her mom yelled out “I don’t give a damn”.  The daughter kept apologizing to the other diners explaining that her mom had never said such harsh words.  The other diners had various ailments including stroke and dementia, and would not have noticed the conversation.

I had sat at a table for two with my mother as she sipped nectar water.  It is given to patients who have lost the ability to swallow.  She sipped her favorite drink of Dr. Pepper, but grimaced at the taste.  The only food she attempted to eat was a spoonful of ice cream, and she only tasted.  Despite rejecting food she still seems strong and alert.  She lunges forward as she attempts to leave the chair.  I knew she had still not given up when she pointed at my purse and then did a thumbs up as she said “Let’s go”.  “You can get something to eat on the way”.