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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Discovery of Scandal

There are a few interesting men from fairy tales or on the TV series "Scandal".  Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) is torn between her love of Jake Ballard played by Scott Foley and the President of the United States (Fitz) played by Tony Goldwyn.  No choice necessary.  Jake Ballard is more devoted and could protect you from any unsavory plots.  After-all, he  was in the underground B613 that is unknown to the President (?). Jake Ballard is faithful, courageous and is so in love with Olivia Pope.  The President  was married to someone he despises, but no one feels sorry for him.  He is now single and has a network of people that cover up for him and do the dirty work.  He still seems like a fairly honorable man.

Is Olivia Pope a good person or a bad person?  She is a fixer.  If you are a politician and you have an illegitimate baby, or have x rated pics that  might be exposed then Olivia can and and will fix that problem.  How much will it cost you?  "Big Bucks"

She has her moments with the President (Fitz) who trusts her advice completely.  In fact the President is a slightly weak and calculated politician.  He cannot wash his hands without consulting Olivia.  He knows she is much stronger than he and no one doubts her power.  Her power is possibly stronger than the President, but not as strong as her evil  Father (Rowan Pope).  She loves her Father as much as she hates him, but it depends on the day. He enjoys having Sunday dinners with Olivia as long as they have fine "red" wine.  

The closest to Paradise that Olivia Pope has ever achieved is when her Father exiled her to an island to get away from all the woes of being the magnificent, all powerful Liv Pope.  Her sidekick on the island was Jake who is totally and completely overwhelmed with her strength.  He is in love with her, or possibly what she stands for.  He hates, but also admires that she needs no one.  No man in her life other  than Jake would have ever gone through the aggravation of trying to play games with Olivia. Olivia fights for her own control.  

The complication is now that Jake has sided with the evil Rowan Pope from the mysterious underground agency of B613.  Jake is now head of the NSA.  Boredom is not possible with the frequent twists and turns in this old but newly discovered series.  The scenes jump quickly from one topic to another and every episode is intense.  The series is produced by Shonda Rhimes that is also responsible for Grey's Anatomy.

Olivia has a cast of characters who help her do the fixing.  They are for lack of a better word a grab bag of "thugs".  They may be slightly brainwashed by believing that they are gladiators who never sleep in order to get the job done.  Not only are they bright, but they will kill, maim and torture in the name of fixing things for the better.  They are dedicated to Olivia completed.  When her phone rings it is obvious that she will be in a different location within minutes to start the process of making the problem go away.  

Best not to miss anything.  Complete series is on Netflix and mimics everything you read on the Drudge Report if you are inclined to read such a conservative media source.  Happy plotting in the name of the government and all the dirt and corruption that goes with it.