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Monday, January 30, 2017

Facebook and Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin' 1964

When did Facebook become a whining, griping, political kiosk that brings you down first thing in the morning before caffeine?   I thought Facebook was touted as a fun hobby with pictures of grandchildren, friends, weddings, and maybe a memory from the past.
For weeks I see videos about rapes, torture, political unrest, mistreated babies, abandoned and abused animals and even bestiality.  I have had it with this leisure activity.  It does nothing to enrich my life or make me happy.  Even though I rarely post I have been friended, then unfriended and even threatened that if I didn’t copy and paste some ridiculous message I would be unfriended.  At this point who cares? 

I don’t know what the next activity is, but when live streaming’s of suicides, rapes, torture and for God’s sake beheadings I think Facebook is over.  Who finds this stuff fun or an escape?  I have been overloaded with information for weeks because of the social and political postings.  Do people really think we give a crap about their political views or change our views because of their ranting?
Religion?….no one cares about your religion.  Many viewers are adults and have already made up their mind about how things should be.  Please keep your political and religious views to yourself.  We will catch up with you later.....Goodbye Facebook.