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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You're Beautiful - Liberty Campus Band

When someone has a weakness the weakness does not define the person.  We all have weaknesses, but also many strengths.   People tend to underestimate the good qualities and concentrate on the negative.  If I do not want to speak at a city council meeting,  but I am a good public speaker am I a failure?  Of couse not.  For every weakness one can find a strength that at least equals or bypasses the weakness. 

Man must not undermine themselves when they are so talented, but choose to dwell on one insecurity. The teenager is beautiful and looks in the mirror. Instead of seeing the beautiful body and contoured face he/she chooses to see a blemish.   This is the human tendancy to focus on the weakness or flaw and overlook incredible assets.

The human being is created by a higher power........and we are beautiful despite our shortcomings and inadequacies.