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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I recently set up a #Twitter account with a free email account. I use Facebook, but I rarely post. Some of my FB friends are what I would rudely call Facebook whores, posting every few hours. Introverted people like myself post less so as not to inconvenience their friends or bring too much attention to themselves.

Twitter is a different social media. It's more comfortable because I only have a few followers that know me. Randomly, I write what I'm thinking. One of my first posts got chosen by @Dallas_Picks editor's choice for a restaurant, #Bluefish. They probably thought I was joking when I said "I prefer restaurants with cooked food". The following Bluefish visit I thought I would gag on one of the popular #HappyHour appetizers. My other tweets that have been favorited are from the  reality show "The People's Couch".  I have no idea if these people that comment are actor's or just people like the rest of us.  If they are looking at my tweets they are not in the Kevin Costner category.

My hobby watching #Bravo reality shows has initiated tweets that revolve around the popular reality shows like the Real Housewives of New Jersey #RHONJ. I am not sure the purpose of Twitter is to be in the neighborhood with random strangers and celebrities. I have one follower who is a Twitter guru, and will help you become popular for a small fee. I must look like a pathetic user to him. The few others following me must be lost souls. Not sure if I will continue this social media because my tweets seem to be spiraling into a black hole never to be uttered again. However, as soon as I figure out where I belong in the #Twitter  community I will let you know. I need to start over with an alias that confuses everyone.....@_Hefnersnewplaymate