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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Does the Church Stand For?

I attend church regularly, and feel like my week goes better when I attend. I appreciate that we can worship where and how we want in this country.   However, I have some questions about churches in general:
  • Should the church announce the sins of a member to the congregation, and humiliate him as well as his wife so that he can never use his talents again?
  • Should the church ignore certain sins that may jeopardize the safety of the members?
  • Should a pastor tell you that if you ask God, he will give you a new car?
  • Should a church ask you to sign an accountability agreement and send letters from other members if they disagree with your choices in life?
  • Does the church still recognize forgiveness, or do they set out to hurt members they do not agree with?
  • Does the church still agree to counsel people when they are in trouble?
  • Does the church charge for religious events during Christmas, rather than allowing everyone that needs Jesus to attend?
  • Does the church still recognize the average member or only the elite members that own a business or remain influential in the community?
  • Where can I find a church that harbors no judgement? 
  • If you choose the sometimes overused phrase of What Would Jesus Do?.... Would he be involved in charging people to learn about God, judging, or humiliating people? 
  • Does the church still represent a "God fearing entity"?  I hope so.
  • Do I have a right to question the actions of the church?
  • Should the music provided by the church provide me more meaning and emotion than any speaker?
  • Do we really expect for churches who are run by people to be perfect?