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Monday, November 4, 2013

Desserts.... ur Cake Balls

I was driving home in the dark and pouring rain, but could not get cake balls out of my head.  Someone had given me a little box of cake balls recently called "Sweet Ballz".  This yummy dessert was previewed on Shark Tank and now involved in a lawsuit.  

Mark Cuban was so impressed with the business venture that he  invested $250,000 during an episode of Shark Tank.

The cake balls had a nice presentation with two in a box.  One was vanilla frosting with chocolate cake and the other was all chocolate.  They came from 7-Eleven.  I remembered there is one down the street.  
Siri called and I asked if they carried cake balls. I could not manage to say Sweet Ballz and  called them cake balls instead.   The fellow answering the phone had a heavy foreign accent  and said they were out of them.  I did not believe him and decided to stop anyway.  

I could not find anything related to cake balls in the convenience store,  but I found the next best thing.  I 
found a package of Hostess cupcakes.  I used to eat them for breakfast.  After not having any Hostess 
cupcakes in years, I found them still delicious.  They were moist, chocolate, and unbelievably
rich with vanilla cream inside.  So who needs Sweet Ballz?

When on a sweet quest go for the gold and enjoy.  Sweet Ballz on Facebook.