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Monday, October 14, 2013

Managing the Business World as a Woman

Women know how difficult it is to have a successful career.  The type of occupation is inconsequential because most businesses are dominated by men.  Most of the endorsements I receive from LinkedIn are from men.  That is when I realized the gender imbalance in business as I see the faces of 90% men who have endorsed me.  Most of my meetings are  held by men, but the best organizers in the world are women.  There are a few things I have found to be worthwhile in trying to maintain a career as a woman.  They are all common sense but still important:

  • Never let them see you sweat or cry.
  • Keep your cool.  Letting your temper soar  could be the biggest mistake in your career.  
  • Try not to turn anyone down.  Make a  compromise if feasible so that they go away relatively satisfied.
  • Dress your best.  Do not dress down on Friday's.  Always maintain a nice wardrobe. People remember and will never look at you the same if you show up in a plaid shirt and tattered jeans.  
  • Negotiate.  This is necessary in most jobs.  If you are negotiating a price to stay within your budget reject the first offer.   If the company needs the business they may come back and offer you a deal for thousands less than the original price.   
  • Always be available.  Keep your cell phone ready. You will need to respond to emails regardless of whether you are on vacation or not.  You can enjoy doing nothing when you retire or lose your job.
  • Do not be afraid to delegate.  One person cannot do everything and do it well.
  • Stay on the down low.  It is important to network and socialize but keep to yourself.  
  • Solve problems within your department.  Once you go outside you may open a can of worms and look inefficient.
  • Pick your battles carefully.  Do not try to win something that is not going to matter at the end of the day.  The battle could cost you an enemy that you do not need.
  • Never let anyone talk about sex.  Divert the conversation quickly.  As soon as they find you are not interested they will move on.
  • Stay confident and be the best you can be at your job.
  • A yearly increase is nice but so are benefits and keeping a job.  
  • Make sure you are always cordial with everyone.  You never know who might be calling and you want to remain on your best behavior.
  • When there are changes ride out the storm.  The tide usually changes if you can wait it out.
  • Keep allies but trust no one.  
  • Be self sufficient.  Only get help as needed.  Best to figure out how to work within your department.
  • Love what you do.  You will be happy and look forward to working.