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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The IPhone 5S

This is the phone I wish I had.

I bought one of the original IPhones at the most prestigious mall in Dallas, and stood in line  for several hours.  I made friends and had a great time visiting with soon to be first time IPhone owners.  As I left with the $500 IPhone, Apple employees clapped.  It was quite a rush.  

So who will buy the IPhone 5S?  It comes out 9/20/2013.  My preference for buying the phone is to stand in line at the same mall in Dallas, and purchase from the relocated Apple store.   I have bought every IPhone there on release day.   Is the larger pixel camera a plus  including better pictures?  I personally could care less about better pics.  They  are all coming off a phone, so what.  What about IO7?  Will that really make a difference for me?  Not really.  

Do you want a colored piece of plastic in lieu of the solid IPhone Not me.  I like the colors of the 5C, but the plastic seems a little hokey and cheap.  Give me the solid new IPhone.  I skipped the last upgrade for the first time after seeing a futuristic video of a phone with a hologram styled keyboard.   I have been disappointed with every IPhone release, and the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer around.  

However, what did sell me on the new IPhone is the fingerprint access at the home key.  Now that is pretty cool.  It will release info just to me instead of punching in a code for access.   The information from my fingerprint will not go through a server or be given to Google.  Google is becoming annoying because it knows so much about me.     I will foolishly stand in line at the mall as Apple employees serve coffee and pastries. The thrill of walking through the door and picking up a new phone is my high.  

I just bought a big screen TV that was 62 inches in size,  but I got little satisfaction.  I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer combo that gave me a bit of a buzz because of the gray color.  I also bought a kitchen table that is glass with etched zebras and it is rather unique.  However, nothing excites me like newly released technology.  Yes, it sounds ridiculous but the thrill is there and it lasts for several days.  Here's to the new IPhone 5S not 5C.