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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Filter Building

1.  It looks a bit rustic and may need more flowers.
     (It has concrete floors and looks like an old empty building.)

2.  What happened to using a church?
     (Does anyone use the  family church anymore?)

3.  Does this building have restrooms?
     (Never visited them.)

4.  Where is the nice carpeted parlor room for the bride to dress?
     (There is an upstairs room with concrete floors.)

5.   How will the wedding party know where to stand if there is no rehearsal?
      (Access to the building is limited to the day of the wedding.)
Filter Building at White Rock Lake
6.  What if it rains or is cold?
      (The wedding guests needed to go outside after the wedding so that the room could be  
      rearranged for the dinner, dancing and the band.)

7.  Will guests be able to find this secluded location?
      (It was on a winding road around White Rock Lake.)

8.  How many guests will this building hold?
     (The replies for attendance were larger than this building holds.)

9.  Can it be properly heated and cooled?
     (It is an old building with high ceilings.)

10.  Are there enough parking spaces?
       (If they park along the street they will be towed away.)

11.  Have other weddings been held here?
       (This is a popular location for weddings, with many pictures of the happy day.)

Jeff before Proposal at White Rock Lake
The wedding was beautiful.  It was a warm, sunny day with people enjoying visiting  outside while overlooking the lake.  I kept referring to the building as a church because there was a beautiful sermon (by the bride's brother-in-law) with scriptures, the vows, and a prayer by the brother of the groom.  The wedding party dressed at the hotel before coming to the Filter except the bride.  The upstairs room was perfect for the bride.  The wedding party rehearsed at the restaurant at the Rehearsal Dinner.  Everyone seemed to know where their places were even though rehearsing took place in a foreign location.  Signs  placed in strategic locations near the Filter Building helped guests locate the building.  

The bridal couple created a fabulous wedding with incredible music. Who could ask for more than strings, a DJ, and a Beatles tribute band?  It was a day full of fantastic  memories.