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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Silver Springs

Stevie was a colorful character and best known for her contributions to Fleetwood Mac.  The song Silver Springs written by Stevie Nicks was a favorite of mine years ago.  I understood that  it was linked to the relationship of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham who were both in Fleetwood Mac.  My friend Cali sang most weekend nights at a Mexican Restaurant and I asked if she would add the song Silver Springs to her set list. She faithfully sang it during her third set.  She had an ability to sound like the artist and I enjoyed hearing her sing that song. 

Silver Springs was written by Stevie Nicks after her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham ended.
The meaning of the  song  is apparent and his rebuttal song was Go Your On Way.  Stevie  makes it clear in the song  that she doesn't want to know about his new love.  She says she hopes that everytime he hears the song that he will be haunted by her.  Apparently the two had trouble discussing their relationship but had no trouble expressing it in music.   When you watch their interaction in the song you can see the sexual tension  even though they have broken up.  It is obvious that the feelings are still there.

Stevie and  Lindsey went to high school and college together but both later dropped out of college.  They had some rough years with a lack of money.  Nicks' parents told her they would support her if she would move back home but not if she stayed in LA.  She did not give up and finally got signed to Fleetwood Mac.  She later wrote the song Silver Springs and thought of the name  after passing a highway exit sign while traveling in Maryland.  It has been mentioned that she used Silver Springs as an alias when traveling.  She thought the song would be on the album Rumours but it was on the B side of Go Your Own Way.  The audience enjoyed the interaction between the two musicians as they tried to express their feelings with various songs that they each had written about their lengthy relationship.  In one performance Stevie started to cry at the end of Silver Springs and Lindsay had to finish the song.  If you have suffered a heartbreak you can easily get lost in the music and sympathize with her pain.

Stevie's trail of relationships did not stop with Lindsey.  She eventually had an affair with Mick Fleetwood and after breaking up with him he married Stevie's best friend named Sara.  The song Sara came out of that relationship. There is even a line in the song that refers to another relationship with Don Henley.  'When you build your house, call me home" is thought to be a  message to him.

Songs that are built on emotion or  experiences are very powerful. Musicians write the best songs after a romantic breakup or some other life changing experience.  Does love really leave an imprint on your heart?  Can love live with success?  Beautiful songs produced by Stevie Nicks are intriguing and symbolic.  I hope she found love.