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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Is there anyone that has not heard of Eric Clapton?  What about his famous love triangle with George Harrison and Pattie Boyd?  George persuaded Pattie to marry him and wrote several songs about his love for her.  His songs written for her included Something, I Need You, For you Blue, and Isn't It a Pity.  In the background was Eric Clapton's growing affection for Pattie Boyd.  She was a model that was beautiful and charming. Mick Jagger and John Lennon wanted to date her but were never successful   Eric Clapton lived with Pattie Boyd's sister before actually capturing Pattie. Pattie heard the song Layla and realized it was about her. She eventually divorced George Harrison attributing much of the disruption of the marriage to his attention to the spiritual world and mood swings.  George Harrison must have cherished his alone time a bit too much for a spouse.  Pattie eventually married Eric Clapton.  Their life revolved around music and she recalls that they frequently visited with artists like the Stones who were recording.

You do not need to know the story or the characters to realize  what the song Layla is about.  The words tell the  story of a man that wants a woman so badly.  It is full or emotion much like reading a romance novel.  The song portrays a man that loves a woman so much but she is too proud to accept him.  He is begging her to be with him.  He tells her he is in love with her and can not live without her.  He seems to be consumed by her.  He wants her to find a way to be with him and isn't going to give up on her. He pushes his soul out of the music until you feel his pain.  This song is just as full of emotion and leaves the listener wanting more.  Eric also wrote Wonderful Tonight, and Bell Bottom Blues for Pattie.

After hearing this song for the first time I wanted Pattie to go with Eric.   George was a famous Beatle but Eric seemed to love and need  her more.  It is amazing that Eric and George were able to maintain a friendship and working relationship.  At one point George admits he would rather see Pattie with Eric than someone else.  Unfortunately there was no fairytale ending with the marriage of Pattie and Eric but the chapter is fascinating.  Pattie must have been quite an incredible personality since she attracted many admirers.  Despite her divorce from George Harrison she maintained a personable relationship with him until the end of his life. 

Is this story about forgiveness, friendship, the love of music, or just raw emotion?  I am not really sure but it appears to be a happy ending with Eric Clapton playing  a tribute concert for George with Billy Preston and George Harrison's son in the Royal Albert Hall.